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Digital Forensics is a broad term within the IT field. Many use the term in the context of tracking the origin of hacks and general system breaches while to others it refers to data that can be presented to a court.

The term “Forensics” emanates from the Latin “In-Forensis” which translates loosely to “before the people” In keeping with this, forensics is effectively the presentation of data in a replicable and auditable manner without changing the original.

We do all forms of Digital Forensics such as Cyber Forensics (Penetration Testing / Hacking Recovery / Cyber Investigations), Cellular Phone Analysis, Computer Forensics, Hard Drive Analysis, Device Acquisitions and Due Diligence Investigations.

We have several Certified Fraud Examiners IN HOUSE to assist with your financial crimes investigations. We have our OWN in-house Digital Forensics lab using the very best available tools and software based on global best practices. Our Digital Forensics lab rates are affordable and accessible – get the evidence that YOU need for your CyberCrime and of course Fraud related investigations. 

Our track record has seen us working on some of South Africa’s most prominent investigations into Fraud, Cybercrime and violent crimes. We ARE the meeting point between technology & investigative skills. We have our OWN internal lab facilities which means less evidence handling, faster turnaround times and a streamlined investigative cycle.

If you would like to find our why the “big names” and everyday clients choose TCG Digital Forensics, please get in touch and let’s discuss your specific requirements. 

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Our Practice Areas

Computer Forensics

What we refer to as Digital Forensics. We have a full lab facility including best of breed software such as Magnet Axiom to ensure that we deliver time after time with the most presentable, user friendly results to our lab processes.

Cellular Phone Analysis

The knowledge that critical evidence exists and rests within a handset is a cause of frustration if one cannot access it in a forensically sound manner.

Cellular Phone Debugging

In most spyware or malware cases, you will not notice your device is infected because it will be operating silently in the background, is barely noticeable and can disguise itself as an authentic application.

Certified Fraud Examiner Services

Looking for a CFE in South Africa to conduct digital fraud investigations? We offer digital forensics services that can strengthen and protect your organisation.

Cyber Investigations

Business hubs such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg are awash with crime syndicates who have perfected the art of identity theft and online fraud. All Cyber Crime Investigations including Business Email Compromise, extortion, Invoice scams and fraud are welcome.

Cyber Penetration Testing

Within the realm of network and online security it is often necessary to conduct penetration tests in a controlled manner to highlight network vulnerabilities.

Device Acquisition

When there is suspicion of fraud or malfeasance, it is often prudent to acquire a forensically sound image of a drive as a matter of urgency.

Due Diligence Investigations

With rising levels of fraud, tender rigging, fronting and other commercial crimes in South Africa, it is imperative that a due diligence is conducted.

Hacking Recovery

Hacking is a reality of online connectivity. In a marketplace where businesses are heavily dependent on online access to data as well as services to conduct business.

Hard Disk Drive Analysis

Data recovery and hard disk drive analysis have always been seen as two separate skillsets within the IT industry. Not anymore

Image Enhancement

Our forensics team are able to provide static image enhancement as well as digital video enhancements. Please bear in mind that results depend on the quality of the original image.

Incident Response Team

Our IRT is able to deploy to your site quickly based on your incident response plan or we will work with you to create a plan based on your specific requirements.

Service of Summons

As a value added service to our clients abroad, we are offering a summons processing/service in South Africa.

Forensic Sciences

Want to learn more about the South African Academy of Forensic Sciences and it's members and disciplines? We ascribe to the standars of the SAAFS

Financial Crime Investigators

Proudly associated with the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators. Several of our staff hold the Certified CyberCrime Investigator (Ccci) designation via the IAFCI

Crypto Currency Investigations

We use the worlds leading Crypto Currency investigation toolsets to further our investigations around crypto transactions both locally and internationally.


Open Source Intelligence refers to the use of publicly accessible information as well as databases to collect information in a structured manner. Information is gained from Public and Private databases, the surface web, deepweb and the darkweb.

Anton Piller Orders

One of the more complex tasks often assigned to a Digital Forensics team is the execution of an Anton Piller order. Anton Piller order is used as an ex-parte motion before the court to acquire exhibits. These often take the form of hard drives, usb devices, laptops etc.

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Our Blogs

Everyday technology continues to evolve and grow, which means that Digital Forensics can be a really tough job. This is why it is so important to constantly learn from others and their experiences. Read all our latest blog posts and articles on the link below to gain an understanding of what we do and accomplish at TCG Digital Forensics as well as to learn more about the services we offer. Learn more about how our teams assist with the execution of Anton Piler orders and other forensic tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s much more to Forensic Investigation than just the title. While we often see conventional “PI’s” using the title, this is incorrectly done.

A Forensic Investigator applies scientific principles and methodology to the investigative task. In most Forensic Investigators you will find an underlying scientific discipline. This could be data-science, medical science etc. however there will be a scientific basis upon which their investigative efforts rest.

In South Africa a Forensic Investigator will typically have an underlying qualification in perhaps law, auditing, computer sciences or similar. In addition to these, they will hold an investigative certification which could be as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) or Forensic Practitioner (FP)SA for example.

It more than matters – it’s vital. Membership of the appropriate bodies means that the Forensic Investigator that you’re dealing with has been vetted as competent in their area of expertise – and most importantly that they are bound by a code of conduct and ethics.

Much depends on the length and complexity of the engagement as well as the level of experience of the investigator. Rates can vary from R 950/ hour to R 3000/hour depending on experience and their underlying skills and qualifications.

 You should ideally look for Forensic Investigators with the CFE or (FP)SA certifications who are able to show that their certifications are current and up to date (yes, they do expire if not regularly maintained).

 You should ideally look for Forensic Investigators with the CFE or (FP)SA certifications who are able to show that their certifications are current and up to date (yes, they do expire if not regularly maintained).

This is what separates Forensic Investigators from general investigators. The key is in the methodical approach, clear and direct findings as well as intricate cross reference to timelines and source/ evidentiary documentation. When drafting the report, your Forensic Investigator knows full well that the report will probably end up in court and he will need to substantiate each finding within it. These are meticulously drafted documents and each investigators formatting, and construction of his report will vary from the next.  This is where the experience of the investigator shines through.

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TCG were employed to handle an extremely delicate matter which through a twist of fate was resolved without needing a deep dive into the digital sphere. That said, we found them to be prompt, ethical, courteous and extremely professional and would highly recommend their services.
Neil Graham
CEO - Origin
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