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Protecting yourself from Package Tracking Scams

In the past few years, large amounts of package tracking scams have popped up. The scam will include an email trying to convince you to click a link or give out your private information. Most of the time the email will advise you that there is a shipping problem and you need to take some steps to clear the package that you didn’t even know you were receiving.

Even though most of these scams are easy to spot because of their awful English spelling and grammar, some are so well done that they can be difficult to spot. Keep an eye out for these signs so you do not fall victim to a tracking scam…

– Odd URLs – Requests to input your private information – Requests to click a link – Email messages starting with “Dear Customer”, etc.

NEVER give out any information about yourself and never click on links in an email, no matter how real it may look!

The bottom line is if you are not expecting a package and someone invites you to click a link to track a shipment of a brand new iPhone you never ordered – delete the message and move on!

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