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What is Penetration Testing

Introduction: Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, is a critical cybersecurity practice that helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their systems before malicious actors exploit them. To conduct effective penetration tests, it is essential to understand the various concepts involved. In this article, we will explore the different concepts of penetration testing, providing insights into …

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The Importance of Penetration Testing in South Africa Today

Introduction: With the increasing dependence on digital infrastructure and the rise of cyber threats, South Africa, like many other countries, faces significant challenges in ensuring the security of its information systems. In this context, penetration testing emerges as a crucial tool for organizations to identify vulnerabilities and protect their networks, applications, and data from potential …

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Fake Policeman Scams

What you need to know about FAKE POLICEMAN SCAMS How They Work This scam usually starts with the victim approaching an escort service or massage parlour. He is unable to secure an appointment as the lady is always busy or wants up-front payment before the appointment.A week or two goes by before a “policeman’ contacts …

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Online Modeling Scams

What you need to know about ONLINE MODELING SCAMSHow They Work This scam targets young women (and men) under 21 years old. They’re approached or Instagram and offered seasonal modeling contracts and attractive “sign on bonuses-. The scammers are well versed in modeling industry terminology. The scammer moves communication off of Instagram onto WhatsApp as …

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Sextortion Scams

HOW THEY WORKThese scams start with an attractive lady sending a friend request so a male victim. The scammer then starts chatting and asks for the conversation to be moved to WhatsApp. Once on WhatsApp the scammer sends the victim semi-naked pictures and asks for his in return.As soon as the victim has sent the …

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What do you know about our OsInt Services?

Who uses OsInt? OsInt is used by private and forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement, intelligence organisations, fraud investigators, human resources professionals, tracing agents and commercial enterprises. It is a key component of performing due diligence studies on persons and businesses. What is SmInt? Social Media Intelligence is the use of information stored within social media …

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