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What do you know about our OsInt Services?

Who uses OsInt?

OsInt is used by private and forensic investigators, attorneys, law enforcement, intelligence organisations, fraud investigators, human resources professionals, tracing agents and commercial enterprises. It is a key component of performing due diligence studies on persons and businesses.

What is SmInt?

Social Media Intelligence is the use of information stored within social media platforms to further the knowledge of a person, group or incident. Often this information is available unbeknownst to the user. While the information is not accessible at the click of a button it can be uncovered with queries and structured data calls.

Is OsInt software?

No, OsInt and SmInt are processes. These processes often use software for recording the process or information uncovered but they remain human processes. Analysis of data still vests with a human being and not an algorithm.

How technical is it?

There are different levels of OsInt ability, from a basic researcher to programmers and analysts. A good degree of computer literacy is essential as is an understanding of the internet and investigative methodology.

Can’t someone just share their tools with me?

They could, but that would only provide a tool. Much like giving someone who can drive a 250 ton crane driver won’t make them a crane operator. OsInt requires a structured investigative approach and an understanding of how the results and pivots meet. This requires hands-on training.

Is this training available online?

We don’t provide online training. OsInt as a skill/ ability requires hands-on practice and lab environments in order to develop best practices. Each countries level of data availability differs substantially as do privacy laws between jurisdictions. As such, you need someone experienced to guide you.

Is this training expensive?

Comparatively, no. A level 1 OsInt/SmInt course will cost around R2000-2500 per delegate, per day. This is well priced in the commercial training sector as the skills required for teaching OsInt are scarce and in high demand.

Do you actively practice or only teach?

Our company is an active Digital Forensics practice and as such all trainers are experienced and use their skills daily in the furtherance of their job functions. We train from a perspective of experience coupled with theoretical knowledge.

What can you DO with OsInt?

Our practice is a Digital Forensics lab environment. As such we use OsInt for profiling suspects in civil and criminal matters, tracing people, locating digital evidence, analysing and verifying digital information, providing expert witness testimony in court and of course Due Diligence investigations.

Is group training available?

Yes, we do provide group training on request (minimum 5 people). Costs are dependent on the location, travel expenses, etc.

Is one-on-one training possible?

At this stage we do not provide one-on-one training but are always open to discussion.

Is OsInt legal?

Absolutely, it’s key to learn the laws around data privacy and to ensure that you’re working within them at all times.

Is this course SAQA Accredited?

At this point no, we are however in the process of accrediting our training material with SAQA and will advise once this is complete. As a 40 hour course curriculum with specific outcomes we do not anticipate too many glitches with achieving this.

Who are your course instructors?

Our course instructors are chosen based on their proven OsInt/SmInt experience as well as their ability to present and impart knowledge. The majority of our instructors have a policing background as well as commercial experience. Some of the instructor crew are chosen for presentation of specific modules in which they hold strong credentials and expertise.

Do you employ OsInt Analysts and Researchers?

Yes, we certainly do. Positions are advertised on this site as well as on our Facebook page as they become available.

Please note that our next OSINT seminar is being held on Tuesday the 9th of July in Midrand. During this session, you will learn about the available information and tools to use, to assist with your case, or to let you know what is possible. Please note that due to limited available space, bookings are essential! Cost is R650 excl VAT.