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What can be done about Identity Theft?

With millions of people affected by identity theft every year, this online crime is nothing new. But as the years go by we will see fraudsters going to extreme lengths in order to steal your private information.

One method that will be widespread is using captured online videos. But how will this work? Online criminals will post fake job vacancies and request a short video and/or a meeting over Skype. Regardless of how they will obtain the video, they will have a recording of you talking about yourself, this will aide them when they open an online bank account!

Why is this happening? As banks try to compete to get the attention of the younger generation they will focus more on how easy the banking application is to use instead of focusing on the long term benefits of signing up.

There are different levels of OsInt ability, from a basic researcher to programmers and analysts. A good degree of computer literacy is essential as is an understanding of the internet and investigative methodology.

What can we do?

Prevention is vital. Always be vigilant and keep in mind that your digital information is just as valuable as your physical documents and paperwork…