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4 important Tips to get the most out of your Security Camera System

Having a modern security camera system can help you when it comes to solving break-ins, robberies and a range of different crimes, but how can you improve the odds even more?

With the help of an expert audio/video forensics investigator, you can boost those odds even further in your favor – contact the TCG Digital Forensics Division on 021 110 0422 or email for digital forensics services including CCTV image enhancement.

To get the most out of your security camera system, your cameras should be placed where they can capture the best possible footage…

Place at eye level – A camera that is close to a ceiling will cover a wider area, but that isn’t the best angle when it comes to capturing footage of a suspects face.

Don’t aim towards lights – Lighting from a window or a lamp, etc. can create silhouettes, this in turn makes it difficult to recognize a possible suspect.

Avoid it being too far away – A camera that is placed too far away is not likely to capture a high quality image of a suspects face, making it hard to identify someone.

Use multiple cameras – The more angles you have covered by cameras, the better your odds are of capturing a suspects face or any other evidence.

We hope you never need video evidence to investigate, but the tips above will improve your chances in the even that you do!

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