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What is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?

You may have noticed that some of our team have the letters CFE after their names. Others are noted as being members of the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).

Within the forensics division of the company, we need to ensure that our staff have the best-of-breed qualifications. Within the investigation of commercial crimes, the CFE stands out worldwide as the top certification.

Accepted around the world as the most sought after and respected qualification, Certifed Fraud Examiners are required to complete a thorough syllabus of training and examination in regards to the different investigative methodologies and elements of fraud and fraud prevention. A proven track record of financial crime investigation is required before delegates can attempt the examinations.

Armed with the appropriate investigative background, a CFE is able to investigate the most complex of financial frauds including Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, internal frauds, skimming and syndicate activity. In South Africa, the CFE is well established as the premier credential for fraud investigation and well represented by the ACFE. Regular chapter meetings are held including on-going training and education to ensure that those carrying the CFE designation continue to develop their skills.

At TCG Digital Forensics, Craig holds a CFE while Thor and Natascha are Associate members. Chris is currently working towards his CFE studies. Our Digital Forensics division specialises in digital artifacts, however in order to understand the investigative process and value of the artifacts we regard it as crucial that our staff are all trained and certified in the complete process.