Sextortion Scams

These scams start with an attractive lady sending a friend request so a male victim. The scammer then starts chatting and asks for the conversation to be moved to WhatsApp. Once on WhatsApp the scammer sends the victim semi-naked pictures and asks for his in return.
As soon as the victim has sent the pictures, the scammer demands payment and threatens to post the photos on social media and/ or send them to friends and family that they have identified over social media. If a first payment is made to the scammer, the scammer will not let go and the demand for more money will follow. The amounts get larger and the scammers get more abusive and threatening along the way.
It is not uncommon for scammers to claim that the images they sent were of an underaged minor and therefore the victim will be reported and arrested for child pornography if they do not pay.

Do not accept random requests from people on Social Media, get to know them first.

Be suspicious of new social media friends that want to move conversations to WhatsApp

Never post anything on a chat that you

Think before you click! wouldn’t want posted in public

Do NOT pay them anything – if you’ve already paid them, STOP.

Do not make any further payments. They cannot post naked photos on Facebook and similar platforms – the platform won’t allow those pics and will block/ban their accounts.

Block & Report any conversations they start with you on WhatsApp immediately.

Lock down your social media accounts and remove any recent “friends” that you have added whom you do not know personally.

Set your profiles to friends-only visibility. If they persist, switch off your cellphone for 3-4 days or change numbers.

It is usually better to change numbers as once they have a potential victim they will attempt other scams.

Report the mater to SAPS as extortion.