Online Modeling Scams

What you need to know about ONLINE MODELING SCAMS
How They Work

This scam targets young women (and men) under 21 years old. They’re approached or Instagram and offered seasonal modeling contracts and attractive “sign on bonuses-.

The scammers are well versed in modeling industry terminology. The scammer moves communication off of Instagram onto WhatsApp as fast as possible and then requests explicit photos of the target.

Typically pressure tactics are used “the clients signing off the portfolio now, so if you want in you’ve got 20 minutes to submit your photos”. The scammer will then push the lure by offering between R5000 and R10000 for these explicit photos. Once the photos are delivered, the “model” is asked to submit a claim form A a link which they provide. They are asked to log into their claim profile using their Instagram credentials.

The scammer now has the illicit photos and control over their Instagram profile. Unless the victim pays a fee in cash, the scammer threatens to release the photos to people on their instagram account.

Talent Scouts for reputable modeling agencies will NEVER ask for nude pictures taken with cellphones. Nudes are always taken by professional photographers in appropriate environments and with the proper release contracts in place.

Never post anything on a chat that you wouldn’t want posted in public

ALWAYS have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled on your social media accounts.
Think before you click!

WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE A VICTIM “e Do NOT pay them anything – if you’ve already paid them, STOP. D o not make any further payments. teThey cannot post naked photos on Facebook a. similar platforms – the platform won’t allow those pics and will block/ban their accounts. v Block & Report any conversations they start with you on WhatsApp irnmediately. E3\ v Report the matter to the South African Police Services as Extortion immediately. The actions of the scammer may also contravene the regulations of the Film and II’ P ublications Board Act if the victim is under 18 years old. ‘,Monitor social media (especially Instagram) closely and immediately report any account with variations of your user name (adding _1 or _2 behind the user name). ‘,Lock down with strong passwords access to any other Social Media Accounts and set all accessability to Friends Only until the matter is resolved.